My 2021 Year Review in Bullets

Kathleen Lara
2 min readJan 6, 2022

Most Used Programming Languages:

  • Oracle SQL / PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • R

Online Conference:

  • 2021 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
  • Snowflake Summit
  • Data + AI Summit 2021


  • Reddit: Artificial Intelligence Generated Persona
  • AI Automation Assistant using Python Scripts
  • Supply Chain: Overstock Allocation Model

Favorite Tools

  • PyCharm
  • Azure Databricks
  • Microsoft Teams (I love how I can integrate different apps) or Discord (Staying connected with online communities)


  • Brain Science: Neuroscience, Behavior by Changelog Media
  • Science & Spirituality by Chris & Kevin Carton
  • DataFramed by DataCamp
  • The Consciousness Podcast (Sorry just had to include this 4th one! I really like some of their episodes)

Favorite Sports Players:

  • Charlie McAvoy , Bruins
  • Mac Jones, New England Patriots
  • Trent Frederic, Bruins

A major takeaway:

  • I’m more than my programmed mind: There is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought

Random New Year 2022 Share:

This is my second New Year at Sunday River and after a couple of runs on the green trails, we went to the blue trail (a little more difficult) and it turned out to be a very icy. I was doing well at first but then I started to lose focus and lost my speed control. I crashed pretty bad and almost broke my neck, good thing I was wearing my helmet and I only ended up with minor scratches on my face (I crashed face first). I was worried about hitting and hurting other people so I just took the fall. After that I got back up and ski’d down and did a few more runs in spite of the anxiety built up from that fall. Why am I sharing this? Because in 2021 Last New Year — after falling, I got too nervous that I cried, stoped trying and decided to just walk down the mountain. — Happy New Year! :)

Kathleen Lara

I’m a Boston based Data Scientist with a background in Data Engineering and Statistics.🤓