Meta Data Engineer Python Technical Interview Questions

Kathleen Lara
3 min readAug 8, 2022

If you’re interviewing for Meta as a Data Engineer and you’re looking for close-to-actual or practice questions that can help you prepare, then you’re in the right article.

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I’ve interviewed with Meta before I decided to join my current company. I completed their live coding technical interview (5 SQL and 5 python questions) so some of the python questions I’ll be sharing is very likely to be similar to what you’ll be asked.

In addition, I will be sharing some practice questions that I’ve collected from different Data Engineers who have also interviewed with Meta. I found all of these questions useful and similar to the questions I have received.

During the interview, you will have very limited time so prior to that make sure you use these questions to practice and time yourself.

Python Practice Questions:

  • Replace None value with previous value present in a list.
  • Given a dictionary, print the key for nth highest value present in the dict. If there are more than 1 record present, for nth highest value then sort the key and print the first one alphabetically.
  • Given two sentences, print the words those are not present in either of the sentences. (If one word is present twice in 1st sentence but not present in 2nd sentence then you have to print that word too).
  • Write a function to return the number of times a character appears in a string. The character can be the empty string.
  • Complete a function that returns a list containing mismatched words in two strings. The return list can be in any order.
  • Given a list of ints, balance the list so that each int appears equally in the list. Return a dictionary where the key is the int and the value is the count needed to balance the list.
  • Given an array of integers, we would like to determine whether the
    array is monotonic (non-decreasing/non-increasing) or not. Examples: // 1 2 5 5 8: true // 1 4 6 3: false
  • Calculate the average word length. For the given set of words return the average word length.
  • Write a function to count the number of times each character appears
    in a string and rewrite…
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